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About Us

     Welcome to Stanislaw Wyspianski Handcraft and Art Cooperation (Spoldzielnia Pracy Rekodziela Ludowego i Artystycznego im. Stanislawa Wyspianskiego) that was established in 1945.
It was created by artists and for many years was directed by lecturers of Academy of Art in Krakow. 
From the beginning of it's existence it was involvet in preserving folk art and traditions.
Nowadays the company prides itself on producing:
dools in regional and historic dress,
regional dress,

Only best specialists are involved in manufacture of our products.
Whole production is based on designs developed by artists and ethnographers and National Commission of Artistic and Ethnodraphic Validation "Cepelia" approve all designs.
Our products decorate many walls and galleries - public as well as private. And top folk groups value our costume designs.
Examples of our achievements:
our "Map of The World" hangs in Polish Ministry of Defence,
Committee of Renovation of Wawel Castle ordered tapestries depicting chapters of "Pan
   Tadeusz" (Polish epic) wchich now hang in castles of southern Poland,
dolls made by us are used in models of scenes of Raclawice Battle in "Panorama Raclawicka"
    in Wroclaw (gallery devoted to the above battle),
in Centre of Forestry in Gluchow our dolls are dressed as forest rangers,
our dolls are always awarded top prizes at The International Doll Biennale,
dresses made in our campany are used by folk groups such as "Slask", Slowianki" and
many schools, universities and companies use banners designed by us to add grandeur to
   thier events.

Export to many countries and continents is a vital part of our business.
Pictures included in this site are just a sample of our range.
Besides our own designs we can implement your own ideas within all our ranges as long as our technology allows it.
If you are interested in any of our products listed below please don't hesitate to contact us.

 We create dolls in historic and regional costumes in these sizes:
     - 12 cm - regional dolls, single or couples - 40 regions,
     - 12 cm - groups - 16 designs,
     - 18 cm - regional dolls, single or couples - 35 regions,
     - 25 cm - regional dolls, single or couples - 12 regions,
     - 25 cm - dolls in historic dress - 15 designs,
     - 35 cm - regional dolls, single or couples - 8 regions,
     - 50 cm - regional dolls, single or couples - 10 regions,
     - miniature dress - glued on card - 40 regions.
  You can purchase ready - made 12 cm dolls from more popular regions and the other rangers are made to order.
We can also make 12 and 18 cm regional dolls and miniature dresses from foreign countries.

  Current offer comprises of dresses from Krakow-Bronowice in sizes defined by age groups (for examples Group1 - 3 to 6 years).
We are able to make all sizes of complete dress as well as it's elements.
Costumes from all other Polish regions as well as other countries can be made to order.
Time it will take us to complete your order depends on the type of dress and it's quantity and can be agreed on in advance.

  Banners are made according to our existing desings or your specific requirements.
Completion time depends on each order and can be agreed upon in advance.

  Our collection comprises of 400 designs on various subjects - architecture, flora and old historical as well as modern themes.
Sizes vary from 30 to 200 cm width and up to 350 cm length.
All designs can by made in colour schemes different from those in our picture examples.

  Our collection comprises of 200 designs on floral and architectural themes.
We also make copies of paintings for example series "Children" by Stanislaw Wyspianski.
Our French customer ordered tapestries based on paintings of many famous artists including Salvatore Dali and Vincent van Gogh.
Working width of our textiles is up to 150 cm. 
Completion time depends on complexity of the order.